A holdout from the old days

I’m working in downtown D.C. again, and I love wandering the streets of the city and exploring.

I came across this building a few months ago, an old holdout almost swallowed up by the new high rise building engulfing it.

I wonder what its story is.

Was this building so loved that the owner couldn’t bear to sell it? How did it come to pass that a whole block of old buildings disappeared except for this one?

The juxtaposition of new on top of old isn’t new, I know. There are examples of it all over the city.

But I like this little holdout building. It seems willful and stubborn. It looks up at its bullying neighbor through squinted eyes, defiantly ignoring the invasion of its personal space. It has the tenacity to continue to exist when the flat expanse of glass and concrete surrounding it so clearly says that it shouldn’t.

It’s got moxie, and I admire that.

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