Big things are afoot

Actually, big things have been afoot for a while — I’m just now getting around to posting about them.

The last three+ years since my daughter was born have been one huge learning experience after another for me. I learned how to take care of an infant, be a stay-at-home mom (during my maternity leave), a full-time mom with a part-time job (after the maternity leave ran out), and a music teacher to preschool-aged children.

And through it all my camera has been close at hand.

At first it was just my the camera on my phone, because I was seriously sleep deprived and exhausted all the time. Getting out the fancy camera was just out of the question. Those first few months of my daughter’s life are still sort of a haze in my mind, so I doubt I could even have found the fancy camera, even if I somehow had the energy and motivation to want to try to take non-camera phone pictures.

Phone camera picture of my daughter

One of my first decent phone camera pictures of my daughter when she was one week old.

But after a while, the haze started to clear, and I wanted to take some higher-quality photos of my daughter. I had used my SLR camera occasionally since taking photography lessons a couple of decades ago (with film and actual darkroom work — yes, I am old). But I was motivated to pull it out again on a regular basis because I saw so many great moments with my daughter just skipping by me every day. As convenient as the camera phone is, I wanted to work on getting some heirloom-quality pictures of my family that would last for generations.

So I practiced.

My daughter at the beach when she was seven months old.

A trip to the beach when she was seven months old.

A lot.

My daughter playing in the sandbox.

Playing in the sandbox.

Fast forward three and a half years later, and the fancy camera is in my hand regularly (in addition to my camera phone, which I still love!), and my daughter is getting used to seeing only part of her mama’s face from behind a camera.



So now you’re all caught up.

Well, almost.

A little more than a year ago, I started to take pictures of other people’s children to practice what I had learned in the last few years of taking pictures of my own child.

And I loved it!




So last year I set up my own photography business, and now I get to meet all kinds of wonderful people and take pictures that will tell the story of their family for their children, grandchildren and beyond.


I love meeting each family and interacting with the kids. I love finding out a little bit about the story of each family. I love flipping through the pictures on my monitor when I upload a batch of photos to my computer. I love editing the photos and bringing out the best in each one.

It’s the first job I’ve ever had that doesn’t feel like a job. It’s just a joy.

More to come soon!

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