Inside the artist’s studio

I was thrilled to be invited to do a portrait session for an artist in my very own neighborhood. Ann Marie Coolick is an impasto painter who focuses on geometric abstractions and expressionist landscapes.

When I visited, Ann Marie led me up some stairs to her attic, where she’s created a bright and beautiful studio space. Her colorful paintings are lined up along the walls, and her easel sits in the middle of the room near a sunny window.


Ann Marie uses palette knives to layer paint on her canvases. I love the way the glops of paint build up on the handles of her knives and form small mountains on the edge of her easel when she scrapes the paint off of the blade.




As I was taking pictures while she was painting, she squirted several colors onto a palette, mixed them together with her knife, and began layering them on the canvas —  almost like she was frosting a cake.



It was such a treat for me to watch while she worked! She was working on her robin’s nest painting during our session, and you can see more of her work in galleries, and on her website.



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