Hi, I’m Laura. 

I’m a documentary and portrait photographer based in Washington, D.C. I specialize in documenting families and children in portraits and in scenes from everyday life.

Besides being a photographer, I’m also a wife, a mom to my beautiful daughter, an avid traveler, a lover of the outdoors, and an enthusiastic singer of songs while driving.

I’m also proud to hold the title of Chief Adventure Planner for my family. My greatest accomplishment in this self-designated role has been to work with my husband to fix up an old travel trailer and take off in it over a summer for parts unknown with our little family, including our dog and two cats. It was a tight squeeze, but we saw lots of amazing things, including a total solar eclipse. (Side note: you should totally see a total solar eclipse at some point in your life if at all possible. The next one visible in North America is on April 8, 2024!)

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember and started back in the days of film and darkrooms, but I’ve held many other jobs along the way. I have worked for various publications and media outlets and have a degree in interactive journalism. I’ve also worked as a music teacher for preschool-aged children, where I sing and dance and laugh and try to pass on my love of music to other families. I love that my photography combines my storytelling and journalism background with the skills I’ve learned as a teacher to young children.

Contact me to book a session or discuss your project. I look forward to meeting you!