Camper Sessions

Current location: Alpine Lake from June 13-17

What are camper sessions?

What are camper sessions? They’re a way to remember the fun times you have together at the campground.

Are you a camping fan? If so, you know that campgrounds are a special place. Camping is a way to bond with friends and family and make memories that will last a lifetime.

How do camper sessions work?

I’ve tagged along and taken photos while people go on hikes, cook up breakfast on the griddle, swim in the pool, go fishing, introduce me to their pets (usually dogs, but sometimes turtles!), play board games together, run around the playground, or gather around campfires for a meal, music, and good conversation. Campground life is filled with time spent doing things together.

As I travel across America, I’ve loved doing all of these things with my own family. So gather your friends and family (including pets!) and let me document your group as you enjoy spending time together in the magnificent beauty we find outdoors at the campground.

Session Info:

Mini camper session: $150

  • Half an hour long
  • Mostly posed portraits
  • In and around your campsite or campground
  • 8-10 fully edited digital photos delivered
  • Prints offered at additional, a la carte prices

Full camper session: $250

  • 1-1.5 hours long
  • Mixture of documentary and posed photos
  • At your campsite or a nearby location
  • 20-25 fully edited photos delivered
  • Prints offered at additional, a la carte prices

Ready for a camper session?